Jesus never asked His disciples to remember His birth, but He did instruct us to remember His death and resurrection. 

Baptism is your public decleration that you follow Jesus and have been raised to a new life in Christ. It is your church's way of celebrating with you and cheering you on in your Christian walk.

Baptism is as easy at 1-2-3

1. Register to be baptized.

2. Attend a baptism class.

3. Be baptized as we celebrate with you!

Baptism Registration Form

Please tell us your name, your email address, and how you became a Christian. One of our Pastors will reach out to you following your registration.

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Baptism FAQS:

Baptism is your public profession that you are a Jesus follower and you are committed to following Him through the end of your life. It is a celebration of the new life you have in Jesus.

Baptism is a symbol of our identification with Christ. It is a symbol of death and resurrection. A person who is baptized has died to their life of sin and now lives a new life in Jesus. It is a symbol of cleansing, a washing away of sin. Baptism doesn't wash away our sins. It symbolizes that Jesus has done that.

Baptism does not save you. Therefore, it is not part of the salvation process. A person isn't saved because they are baptized. A person is baptized because they are saved. Think of it like a wedding ring. A wedding ring doesn't make a person married. It publically tells people that a person is married.

We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus and the work He accomplished on His cross and in His resurrection. Nothing we do and no religious event will ever save us. The good news is that Jesus has already performed the work of redemption. All we have to do is believe in Him and follow Him.

Baptism is a command from God in an effort to publically tell the story of the gospel and how Jesus has saved you. The Bible teaches that the act of baptism is a believer's obedient follow up to their salvation experience. We are baptized because God commands it. We are baptized because others need to hear our story. And, we are baptized to publically celebrate the goodness of God in our lives. 

A person should be baptized AFTER believing in and receiving Christ. BELIEF is the prerequisite for baptism. NOTE: It is a requirement that a person has been baptized following salvation in order to become a member of ATCO Baptist Church. 

Anyone who has trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior should be baptized as soon as possible.

We immerse people in water during a baptism experience because the word "baptize" in the Bible literally means "to dip; to dunk; to immerse." This is historically what happened when someone was baptized during Jesus' ministry and throughout the first century of Christianity. We believe immersion is the scripturally correct way to baptize.

At ATCO, we wait until children are old enough to believe in and receive Christ on their own; as well as understand the true meaning of baptism before we baptize them. Every baptism candidate meets with our pastoral staff prior to being baptized to help with this process.